NonEuclid is Java Software for
Interactively Creating Ruler and Compass Constructions in both the
Poincaré Disk and the Upper Half-Plane Models of Hyperbolic Geometry
for use in High School and Undergraduate Education.

Hyperbolic Geometry is a geometry of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Curved Hyperspace.
Copyright©: Joel Castellanos, 1994-2002

Joel Castellanos  - Graduate Student, Dept. of Computer Science, University of New Mexico
Joe Dan Austin - Associate Professor, Dept. of Education, Rice University
Ervan Darnell - Graduate Student, Dept. of Computer Science, Rice University

Italian Translation by Andrea Centomo, Scuola Media "F. Maffei", Vicenza

Funding for NonEuclid has been provided by: 
CRPC, Rice University
Institute for Advanced Study / Park City Mathematics Institute

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Using NonEuclid - My First Triangle
Activities - How to get started Exploring: - Adjacent Angles, Angles, General Triangles, Isosceles Triangles, Equilateral Triangle, Right Triangles, Congruent Triangles, Rectangles & Squares, Parallelograms, Rhombus, Polygons, Circles, Tessellations of the Plane.

Basic Concepts:

What is Non-Euclidean Geometry: - Euclidean Geometry, Spherical Geometry, Hyperbolic Geometry, and others.
The Shape of Space: - Curved Space, Flatland, Ourland, and Mercury's Orbit.
The Pseudosphere: - A description of the space of which NonEuclid is a model.
Parallel Lines: - In Hyperbolic Geometry, a pair of intersecting lines can both be parallel to a third line.
Axioms and Theorems: - Euclid's Postulates, Hyperbolic Parallel Postulate, SAS Postulate, Hyperbolic Geometry Proofs.
Area: - Exaimation of A=½bh and A=s² in Hyperbolic Geometry, Properties Necessary for an Area Function, Altitudes of a Hyperbolic Triangle, Defect of a Triangle, Defect of a Polygon, and an Upper Bound to Area.
X-Y Coordinate System: - A description of how an x-y coordinate system can be set up in Hyperbolic Geometry.
Disk and Upper Half-Plane Models: - An informal development of these two models of Hyperbolic Geometry.

For The Teacher:Why is it Important for Students to Study Hyperbolic Geometry?
Conceptual Mechanics of Expression in Non-Euclidean Fields by Artist/Mathematician, Clifford Singer.

References & Further Reading.

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Copyright©: Joel Castellanos, 1994-2002